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Myrmex starts a strategic partnership with myProduct

myProduct starts a strategic partnership with Myrmex, a material handling robotics startup based in Greece

〜Working together with Myrmex to explore market in Japan〜

February 24th, 2022

myProduct Co., Ltd.

We are delighted to announce that myProduct Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as myProduct) has entered into a strategic partnership with Myrmex Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Myrmex), a startup based in Greece that provides material handling solutions, for the first time in Japan. 

Myrmex Inc. is a materials handling robotics start-up with a unique offering including autonomous mobile robots and intelligent asset handling systems. Myrmex’s suite of solutions notably enables click-and-collect deliveries (※), allowing the industry to respond to the accelerated demand for smart deliveries created by the Covid-19 pandemic.

With uniquely conceptualized ideas, Myrmex’s solutions, with its efficient scalable units, aim to boost productivity in warehouse processes, such as staging / marshaling and innovate on a fully unmanned curbside pick-up. On the other hand, myProduct will help Myrmex enter the Japanese market by capitalizing on knowledge and experience it obtained relating to deep tech across various fields. 


※Click & Collect is a way of collecting items that customers ordered at a location (i.e. a delivery locker, drive through) they specified.

■About Myrmex

Myrmex Inc. was established in 2015 in the USA. Its R&D is based in Athens, Greece. Myrmex firmly believes that the combined use of intelligent robotics coupled to industry standard assets, such as roll racks, will enable the online retailers and grocers to offer excellent customer experience at higher margins than traditional bricks-and-mortar sales channels. The combined use of elements such as roll-racks, mini-loads, AMRs and totes make Myrmex’s solutions simple and compact, yet highly efficient and scalable. Its multi-patented(※), state-of-the-art hardware and software come at a perfect time, as social distancing measures drive the need for online retailers to create new sales channels, darkstores, and click & collect/pick-up points, and facilitate the last-mile functions. Myrmex was initially funded by EIF-backed venture capital fund Odyssey, and more recently by a small number of private investors.



Myrmex’s solutions are also highly received by Ocado Group, a large-scale online grocery retailer, motivating them to make an investment in 2020 and appoint them a design project. 


※Patented in the U.S.

■Strategic partnership overview

myProduct has signed a strategic partnership with Myrmex for the first time in Japan. This partnership is to help Myrmex enter the Japanese market by capitalizing on knowledge and experience on deep tech across various fields that myProduct has obtained.  

Specifically, myProduct will help Myrmex with developing their partners and launch customers, propelling important projects, establishing a great founding team in Japan, and the like. In the meantime, we have already promoted forward-looking discussions with several electronics manufacturers and logistics companies.  

If you would like more information, please contact us at:

■Hopes for the partnership

We are very excited that we are partners with myProduct! To collaborate with such a professional, advanced and goal-oriented team is of major importance for us. We believe that through this partnership both Myrmex and myProduct can implement breakthrough projects together in the Japanese market. There are great things coming in the near future for Myrmex in the area!

George Katiniotis – CEO, Myrmex

We are very pleased to work with Myrmex as their collaborative partner in Japan. As many companies are confronted with the labor shortage, it is imperative to get consumers involved in the process of redistributing logistics resources. We are certain that the Click & Collect technology put forward by Myrmex will be remarkably effective in the Japanese market as well. Through this partnership, we have high hopes for co-creating something new under the collaboration between a foreign technology startup and a Japanese company.

Shigeru Kitazaki – Tech Lead, myProduct


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