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Staging: The critical last mile procedure

Staging is one of the most important stages of the logistics process; yet still a headache for grocers and retailers. What we call “staging” is all these actions made to sort the orders that need to be delivered to the customer. The concept looks simple, but sorting is not as easy as it may seem. For this reason, most warehouses are facing bottlenecks, such as messy and congested layout that lead to mistakes and serious delays, poor damage control, difficulty in performing quality control, excessive labor cost with no process acceleration or customer satisfaction. That said, anyone can understand that this problem means more money spent without improving the existing function.


Coordination is the key to solve this problem, but it is difficult to be achieved without the use of new technologies and automation. Humans have played for decades the main role in warehouse tasks, leading to errors, fatigue, accidents etc. However, what technology today offers us is a non-stop, tireless, error-free miracle: robots! Robots and its software is the answer to efficiently handle this multivariate warehouse issue. This means fully exploiting the existing space, performing tasks with no mistakes and making efficient van loading even during the peak hours, while at the same time avoiding costly operations.  As an example, with Myrmex’s patented system 5 AMRs and 4 mini loads can daily stage 4.000 totes in a space not larger than 400 sqm, as shown in the 3D presentation below.



Transforming a traditional warehouse to a new robotic one is imperative, taking into account the increased delivery orders demands posed during and after the covid-19 pandemic. Online is here to stay, thus, ignoring this new fact is not a smart thing to do. Investing in automation can leverage a company’s system workflow and turn it to a more profitable one in almost no-time!


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