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Grocery Pickup

Grocery Pickup


Grocery pickup system achieves contactless order pickup in a fast and convenient way.


Our system is an innovative, fully automated, non-stop operation and high

replenishment throughput solution.


Our unit can be installed either indoor or outdoor of your store in both urban and rural areas.

Pickup in a few seconds


Customers can pick up their order in less than a minute by using geofencing technology.


Identification process can be done with one of the following options:

  • Pin code

  • QR code

  • NFC technlogy


Replenishment process x20 faster


System is easily replenished with the use of Roll Racks containing 20 totes each.

This is the only stage that requires manual labor.

Our system takes advantage of containerization principles to reduce labor time by 20.

Exploiting Idle-Time 


The system takes advantage of the idle-time to rearrange totes

in order to unload Roll Racks that are adjacent to the

replenishment gate.

Handling different temperature zone products


The system with the use of AMRs transfers Roll Racks throughout the unit.


Grocery pickup can handle orders stored in different temperature
zones: Ambient, Chilled, and Frozen.



The unit can be customized to your needs. Give us your

expected orders per hour and replenishment frequency

and we will adjust the unit layout that best suits you.

Footprint area starting at 25m² (280ft²) up to 500m² (5382ft²).

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