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Staging Unit

Staging Unit


Staging Unit system achieves an efficient order sorting based on
delivery plans.


Our system is a fully automated and less hardware orientented solution
that operates 24/7.


Forget single point of failure! Due to its flexibility, it can handle
a hardware failure without interrupting its operation.

No limitations on fulfillment


Execute your fulfillment plan as it is today, as our system can handle:


a) Both automated and manual fulfillment processes.

b) Picked orders for different delivery zones.

c) Existing equipment setup e.g. fixed conveyors for order transfer.


Easy to use


System is fully automated, operator simply swaps an empty with
a full roll rack at the delivery gate.

Efficient van loading


System stores orders on roll racks, this leads to x20 faster van

loading. Driver simply pushes the roll racks into the van.

Handling different temperature zone products


The system, with the use of AMRs, transfers Roll Racks throughout

the unit.


Staging Unit can handle orders stored in different temperature

zones: Ambient, Chilled, and Frozen.



The unit can be customized to your needs. Give us your daily delivery plan

per hour and replenishment frequency and we will adjust the unit layout

that best suits you. Footprint area starting at 200m² (2152ft²)

up to 500m² (5382ft²).

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